Case Study

Winning the tender
Orbitz Elevators

About Orbitz Elevators

Orbitz Elevators deliver market-leading vertical transportation solutions across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

They have extensive experience in specialised elevators, including elevators for hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres, public buildings, vehicle elevators and more. At the heart of their company’s identity and culture is a straightforward commitment to their customers’ needs and requirements.

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We received an enquiry from Orbitz who were looking to create a number of tender documents in a more efficient and comprehensive manner.

Given the number of variable elements within the document, the current process was extremely time-consuming and labour intensive.

We quickly established that the project was achievable.

Orbitz were initially sceptical, as they had already approached two suppliers who claimed to be able to achieve their intended outcomes. In both instances, the solution had failed, despite Orbitz allocating a fair amount of time and money to the project.

Key Outcomes

  1. Ability of sales personnel to create documents themselves
  2. Significant reduction in double-handling
  3. Significant reduction in time required to compile documents
  4. No reliance on the marketing department to assist with document compilation
  5. Improved customer service levels, given the speed achieved in turning the document around
  6. Improved document accuracy, consistency and the need for double data entries given the business rules incorporated into the solution
  7. Improvement in the professional presentation of documents
  8. Improved compliance levels
  9. Greater level of customisation based on the tender opportunity

Project Details

Average time
required to
complete a tender
8 HOURS Pre-solution 20 MINUTES Post-solution
Overall turn around
time required
to process a tender
3 DAYS Pre-solution 1 HOUR Post-solution
Over 0 Variable Fields
Orbitz is delighted with the OPM solution presented to us for our tender documents.

“We had tried a system before, which proved very expensive, cumbersome and frankly, did not work. Working with Neil and his team was great. They were knowledgeable, efficient and understood our requirements.”

“The OPM solution created for Orbitz has allowed us to provide well-presented and professional documentation to our customers by giving us the opportunity to personalise and tailor our tenders using the functionality within OPM. We have no hesitation in recommending OPM for future projects of this nature and look forward to a long-standing relationship with Neil and his team.”

Alan Younger
National Business Development Manager